Who are the Service Owners?

As we enter the challenging environment of service management, one question arises naturally. We are managing the services but who owns them within the organization? The answer should be obvious but surprisingly it is not that simple for most operators. In a typical SQM / Service Management project, we have to interface with the service… Read More »

Who are the VIP Customers?

VIP customers of the service providers have always got the attention and put first in the retention and churn related initiatives. But who are the VIP customers? In the early days of telecommunications, where there are only primitive tools available to the sector, service providers started to search for their VIP customers in their CRM… Read More »

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Mobile Device Repositories

One of the first requirement for mobile portals is to provide customized and optimized content which will enable a consistent customer experience throughout the mobile channel. Mobile portals should convert the content to the desired format on the fly before the content hits the consumer device. In order to do this conversion, portal (or conversion enabling… Read More »

From SQM to Customer SLA Management

Customers will expect you to deliver the quality of service you have committed in the presales phase. Most of the operators, however, fell short on delivering this expectation and service outages occur every time.Most operators who do not trust their current network, do not implement any customer SLA management process. Lacking an end to end… Read More »

Workflows Everywhere

Workflows everywhere: In trouble ticketing platforms, CRM, Inventory Management Systems, Service Management Systems, Order Management Systems. Each of these systems implement some kind of workflow engine to automate the processes they depend on. Would not it be wise to merge all those in a common workflow engine? Would not it be more easy to manage… Read More »

SQM Implementation Approaches

Service quality management is becoming more popular day after day. The reason behind this is the data boom in the mobile communications area. Service providers are aware that they need to move to service management in order to take control of the quality of their services, at least from the service provider perspective. After the… Read More »

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More Printed Articles

Here are 3 articles that I have sent to a Turkish telecommunications magazine: Tele.com.tr. Unfortunately there is no English translation, but I can say that the context is in-line with my previous blog articles. Tele.com.tr – December 2011 Issue Mobile Devices and Web Experience – Page: 62,63 http://www.scribd.com/doc/74883534/Tele-com-tr-Aral%C4%B1k-2011 Tele.com.tr – September 2011 Issue Network Inventory… Read More »

OSS Public Cloud

Let’s stop and think if it is meaningful for a service operator to give away all the OSS tools and infrastructure it has, for the sake of moving to cloud. A very big shift in the operations would occur for sure. Trouble Ticket, Fault Management, Performance management , Inventory, Fulfilment systems even mediation should be… Read More »

CEM Article

You may find the CEM article that I sent to a Turkish telecom magazine at the below link. There is also an English translation of the content. http://issuu.com/telekomdunyasi/docs/td_temmuz_2011/63

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Common Reporting Platforms

CSPs have lots of OSS and BSS tools. All these tools come with some kind of reporting solution. Some reports are embedded in the product, some OEM Business Objects, Cognos like tools on the top of their databases. The problem with these reports is two fold. One is, they are just built to show operational… Read More »