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Workflows Everywhere

Workflows everywhere: In trouble ticketing platforms, CRM, Inventory Management Systems, Service Management Systems, Order Management Systems. Each of these systems implement some kind of workflow engine to automate the processes they depend on. Would not it be wise to merge all those in a common workflow engine? Would not it be more easy to manage… Read More »

SQM Implementation Approaches

Service quality management is becoming more popular day after day. The reason behind this is the data boom in the mobile communications area. Service providers are aware that they need to move to service management in order to take control of the quality of their services, at least from the service provider perspective. After the… Read More »

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More Printed Articles

Here are 3 articles that I have sent to a Turkish telecommunications magazine: Unfortunately there is no English translation, but I can say that the context is in-line with my previous blog articles. – December 2011 Issue Mobile Devices and Web Experience – Page: 62,63 – September 2011 Issue Network Inventory… Read More »