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Asynchronous Communication – Methods and Strategies

Asynchronous communication is a widely used communication method between different processes and systems. In an Asynchronous Communication, the client sends a request to the server (which requires lengthy processing) and receives a delivery acknowledgment response right away. Different from the synchronous communication, this response does not have the required “information,” yet. After the client receives… Read More »

More Printed Articles

Here are 3 articles that I have sent to a Turkish telecommunications magazine: Unfortunately there is no English translation, but I can say that the context is in-line with my previous blog articles. – December 2011 Issue Mobile Devices and Web Experience – Page: 62,63 – September 2011 Issue Network Inventory… Read More »

CMDB as the NIMS

CMDB is an IT acronym for Configuration Management Database. Basically, it is a database that holds the IT “assets” called CIs. (Configuration Items). Every resource that is managed by the IT department can be a CI candidate. These CIs can point to logical or physical infrastructure items. For example, an application is a typical logical… Read More »