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SQM Implementation Approaches

Service quality management is becoming more popular day after day. The reason behind this is the data boom in the mobile communications area. Service providers are aware that they need to move to service management in order to take control of the quality of their services, at least from the service provider perspective. After the… Read More »

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OSS Public Cloud

Let’s stop and think if it is meaningful for a service operator to give away all the OSS tools and infrastructure it has, for the sake of moving to cloud. A very big shift in the operations would occur for sure. Trouble Ticket, Fault Management, Performance management , Inventory, Fulfilment systems even mediation should be… Read More »

CEM Article

You may find the CEM article that I sent to a Turkish telecom magazine at the below link. There is also an English translation of the content.

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Common Reporting Platforms

CSPs have lots of OSS and BSS tools. All these tools come with some kind of reporting solution. Some reports are embedded in the product, some OEM Business Objects, Cognos like tools on the top of their databases. The problem with these reports is two fold. One is, they are just built to show operational… Read More »

Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS)

Most business processes require business rules to decide the best next activity or another business process that should be followed.. Workflows, which automate business processes typically include several decision points. “Is this a new Customer?”, “Has the customer enough credit?”, “If the age is above 50?, “Is there any trouble ticket created for this user… Read More »

OTT Services and SQM

Have you seen the rumors that Facebook will buy Skype? Well, it won’t be a surprise for most people. One big OTT company buys another. The big surprise would be to see Facebook to embed Skype into the Facebook application and kill the stand-alone Skype. This way, it will force to move all the VoIP… Read More »

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CEM and Outsourced Functions

As CSPs, we may have several outsourced functions in our customer operations. These are typically Call Centers, Field Services and some Billing functions such as dispatching. As these functions are run by different companies, we only have a partial visibility of the quality of their operations. Since , any delay or inconsistency will directly impact… Read More »

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Service Innovation and OTT Providers

There are rules of successful service business. You need to be effective in terms of managing your costs, you need to personalize the services you are providing, you need to differentiate your services and offerings, you need to increase your quality of service and satisfy your customers to avoid them leaving you. In the mean… Read More »

Moving to a Network Datawarehouse

Communications Service Providers(CSPs), have lots of OSS/BSS applications that are running to support their business and operations. Those applications do manipulate some kind of data based on the domains they address. Obviously, applications touching the same domains cause data duplication. They may also maintaining the same data with separate representations.When one domain’s data is updated… Read More »

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Understanding Frameworx Views

TMForum Frameworx(NGOSS), defines 4 views. These are different perspectives for looking at a service providers’ challenges and how to solve them. First one is the “Business View”. Business View, focuses on the business and try to define and scope the business problem/ business case  to be solved. A business problem may be “implementing trouble management… Read More »