Monthly Archives: April 2010

Introduction to Configuration Management

Configuration management is the process that manages the resource configurations. The term “provisioning” is sometimes used interchangeably with CM. First feature of the configuration managers is to provide abstraction, over the lower layer devices, which leads us to business process consolidation, reduced silos and increased enterprise effectiveness. Let me give an example on this. Suppose,… Read More »

Introduction to SID

SID (Shared Information and Data model) is one of the frameworks of the TMForum NGOSS Frameworx suite. It is also called the Information Framework. SID can be considered as the language of the NGOSS. It helps us to identify the business entities that play role in the business processes of a telecommunications service provider. As… Read More »

Introduction to Mediation

Mediation devices collect usage data in the form of xDRs (CDRs, IPDRs and EDRs etc.) from several data sources and deliver this data to specified locations in a specified format. The devices (switches, routers, IP PDUs) and applications (IN etc.) in a telecommunication infrastructure report their usage statistics for different purposes. The main purpose is… Read More »