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IBM and Stream Computing

Normally I do not write about vendor products but since today’s topic seems to be a new driver for the industry, I will make an exception. Today’s topic is about IBM Infosphere Streams product which introduces a new term to our industry: Stream Computing. Stream Computing concept stems from the fact that todays’ OSS/BSS environment… Read More »

Mobile Device Agents

Today, I want to talk about a new trend that seems to popped up in the SQM/CEM field: Mobile Device Agents. Mobile Device agents are software components that reside on user devices and collect statistics about the quality of user experience which will enable the operator to act upon service degradation. Operator can also have the… Read More »

Who are the VIP Customers?

VIP customers of the service providers have always got the attention and put first in the retention and churn related initiatives. But who are the VIP customers? In the early days of telecommunications, where there are only primitive tools available to the sector, service providers started to search for their VIP customers in their CRM… Read More »

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Mobile Device Repositories

One of the first requirement for mobile portals is to provide customized and optimized content which will enable a consistent customer experience throughout the mobile channel. Mobile portals should convert the content to the desired format on the fly before the content hits the consumer device. In order to do this conversion, portal (or conversion enabling… Read More »

CEM Article

You may find the CEM article that I sent to a Turkish telecom magazine at the below link. There is also an English translation of the content.

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CEM and Outsourced Functions

As CSPs, we may have several outsourced functions in our customer operations. These are typically Call Centers, Field Services and some Billing functions such as dispatching. As these functions are run by different companies, we only have a partial visibility of the quality of their operations. Since , any delay or inconsistency will directly impact… Read More »

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Moving to a Network Datawarehouse

Communications Service Providers(CSPs), have lots of OSS/BSS applications that are running to support their business and operations. Those applications do manipulate some kind of data based on the domains they address. Obviously, applications touching the same domains cause data duplication. They may also maintaining the same data with separate representations.When one domain’s data is updated… Read More »

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Introduction to CEM

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a relatively new term that entered to the telecommunication service provider’s  jargon. Customer Experience Management is managing all the interactions of the Customer with the service provider. These interactions could be made over all available channels that are defined in the Customer Interface Management process. Call center, e-mail, Web, WAP… Read More »