Monthly Archives: May 2010

Telecoms Fraud Management

Fraud Management systems are designed to detect and prevent the fraudulent behaviors of the users which cause revenue losses. There are multiple types of telecommunication frauds that needs to be addressed by these systems. Different fraud types should be detected and handled by different algorithms. Below, I list some techniques that are used to detect… Read More »

Introduction to Billing

Billing systems collect usage records from devices and generate bills per customer based on predefined rules. Different systems in a service provider’s infrastructure produce logs about the usage. We call them usage data records or UDRs. If the usage is for voice calls, we call them CDRs, if the usage is about bandwidth; we call… Read More »

Telecom Applications Map – TAM

TAM (Telecom Application Map) is one of the frameworks of the NGOSS (Frameworx) initiative. Its main goal is to draw the boundaries of the OSS/BSS applications. Standardized business processes and the applications that run those business processes, emerged in parallel. However, the OSS application vendors named and scoped their applications by themselves without following a… Read More »